1.DCS/WDCS Organisation:

Milk producers at the village level are organized to form Dairy Co-operative Societies (DCS) or Women DCS (WDCS) depending upon the viability based on democratic principles and bye laws.


2.Milk Procurement:

Surplus milk produced after home/village retention is collected at the DCS/WDCS milk collection centre/office where basic quality tests are conducted and recorded. Thereafter, the entire quantity is pooled together and sent to Dairy Plant for processing and marketing. The organized Dairy Co-operatives provide an assured marketing avenue for the farmers’ produce.


3.Milk processing:

Milk collected from the producers is brought to the dairy plats and after mandatory regular quality test is subjected to processing. Milk is normally, pasteurized/ Sterilized, chilled and packed in pouches or converted to various dairy products.


4.Marketing & Sales promotion:

Marketing of milk and milk products are through authorized dealers & retailers.


5.Support Service to Producers:

Milk producers are provided with production enhancement inputs in the form of balanced cattle feed and Complete Feed at subsidized rates. Health cover on regular and emergencies and vaccination camps are extended to all producers. Assistances are provided to purchase of dairy cows/heifers, cultivation of seasonal and perennial fodder crops etc. depending on the sanction of the Govt.


6.Training & Skill Development:

Various training programmes on management committee members, Secretaries, A.I. Workers, First-aid, Health care, Clean Milk production etc. are imparted at its Training Centre at Lerie, Kohima.

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