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Livestock and poultry farming has been an integral part of the people of Nagaland since time immemorial and is symbolic to the health and wealth of a Naga family. Animal Husbandry practices have been playing a pivotal role in supplementing family income and generating employment to the rural poor apart from efficient utilization of agriculture products & by-products not suitable for human consumption. This inherent aptitude of the people needs to be exploited to provide valuable animal protein essential for maintaining physical health of the people as well as to provide draft power for cultivation especially in the foot – hill areas of the State.

Increasing unemployment in the State has been a subject of great concern. In the absence of any organized industry in the State, Animal Husbandry & Dairying alone can absorb a large fraction of such vast number of un-employees in the State

Rural migration to urban areas is a continuous and irreversible process. This tendency to opt for urban life can be greatly reduced if the living standard of the rural economy is improved. Livestock farming in a scientific and profitable way can play a vital role in improving the rural economy.

The Administration  of the Department is headed by Commissioner and Secretary along with supporting staff in the Secretariat. In the Directorate, it is headed by the Director who is also the Head of Department supported by Additional Directors, Joints Directors & Deputy Directors including ministerial staff. In the District level, it is headed by Chief Veterinary Officers supported by Deputy Chief Veterinary Officers / District Livestock Development Officer / District Disease Diagnostic Officer /  Veterinary Surgeons and Veterinary Assistant Surgeons along with Para-Veterinarians and ministerial staff.

Under the umbrella of the Department, there are two (2) nos. of semi autonomous bodies namely Nagaland State Dairy Cooperative Federation (NSDCF) & Nagaland Livestock Development Board (NLDB) which is responsible for development and Dairy & Livestock Breeding in the State respectively. Both the two bodies are designated as State Implementing Agencies (SIA) and can tap funds from various Ministries for the State of Nagaland for development of Dairy & Livestock Breeding.

The Department is supporting these two bodies in the form of manpower, infrastructures, assets etc and accordingly two (2) Additional Directors in the capacity of Managing Director are being posted including two (2) Joint Directors  as Project Directors along with other staff in the rank of Deputy Directors and VAS.

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