Piggery development:

In order to improve the animal germplasm of the State Govt. farms the dept had inducted 280 Nos of improved breeds of Pig and supplied to State Pig Breeding farms as a replacement stock. This is intended to make available, the improved breeds of pigs to the farmers in the state, for the up gradation of the existing animals in the state.

For improvement of animal health, the Dept. had procured 724 Quintals of concentrated balanced pig feeds for the newly inducted animals in various state Pig farms.

Further, the Dept. have procured Feed supplements, mineral Mixture and Vitamins which was issued to all state pig breeding farms as well as to the Pig farmers in the state for improving the health of the animals. Anthelmintics and Ectoparacites drug were also procured during the year and issued to the farms and individual farmers during animal health camps








Mineral mixture /Vitamins and Anthelmintics under health coverage

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