Stocking of Feed ingredients for distribution under RKVY

This is a Govt. of India scheme and is being implemented alongwith the Agri & Allied departments in the State. Currently, the scheme has one component called normal RKVY. Under this scheme Village Piggery Development through Village Adoption is being taken up for Improving the quality of Village Pigs (in situ) through upgrading by infusing superior germplasm. This up-gradation is being supported with concentrated feeds, Mineral Mixture, Vitamins and de-wormer, including roofing materials for sheds construction. This scheme is being implemented in 42 Villages (phase manner) covering 4284 households. Thus, a total of 8568 Pigs are being provided with technical intervention with a view of producing additional pork of 8568 tonnes.


Roofing materials for distribution under RKVY

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