Survey report 2016-17

As per the Sample Survey Report of 2016-17, the State produces 45% of the total requirement worth of Rs. 1205.005 crores leaving a shortfall of 55%. Out of this shortfall, the state imported Animal Husbandry products worth of Rs. 212.116 crores in monetary terms as shown in the Table.

Item Total Requirement of the State Availability             ( State Internal Production) Monetary Value of Availability in the State                            (Rs. in crores) Total Short fall in the State Total import into the State Monetary Value of Import into the State                        (Rs. in crores)
1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Meat                               66.7                  (‘000 tones) 31.95               (‘000 tones) 776.385 34.75             (‘000 tones) 7.28              (‘000 tones) 121.576
Milk                                117.7               (‘000 tones) 77.85              (‘000 tones) 404.82 39.86             (‘000 tones) 2.87            (‘000 tones) 84.665
Egg                                 1956.50            (Lakh No.) 396.74              (Lakh No.) 23.80 1559.76      (Lakh No.) 117.5           (Lakh No.) 5.875
Total (monetary value  in crores) 3289.40 1205.005 1872.233 212.116

The above figures indicate a very positive sign that there are immense potentials and scopes for Animal Husbandry development in the State in terms of demand & supply. However, despite the gap that exist today in terms of demand and supply, the import quantum of Animal Husbandry Products is gradually reducing when compared with the base level of 2001-02 which in monetary terms stands at Rs. 375.00 crores and in 2016-17 import value is been calculated at Rs. 212.116 crores. This declining import quantum suggests that there is a positive correlation between State Domestic Products and the existing human population. Besides, the per capita availability of meat and milk in the State is satisfactory, inspite of being low, the fact remains that the food habit of Nagas are changing in this modern era as Urban population relies on balanced foods like rice, meat, milk, vegetables, fruits, wheat and its products and not highly dependent on meat as it was a decade ago. The per capita availability as of 2016-17 is as follows:-

Sl. No. Particulars Per day requirement as per Recommendation   Capita Availability
1 Meat 85 gms / head / day 49.99 gm
2 Milk 150 gms / head / day 102.86 gm
3 Egg 1/2 No. / head / day 24 (no / head  /annum )

The per capita availability shows 47.9% achievement in terms of meat and 66.14% in milk respectively. Thus, in order to achieve self-sufficiency in meat, milk and eggs in the State, priorities are set and framed to achieve the same as per the Vision of the Department.

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