Animal Health

The Department has established 11 Veterinary Hospitals, 62 Dispensaries and 82 Veterinary Health Centres & 16 functional QCPs’. These institutions provide Veterinary Services & Consultancy to the farmers and livestock farmers both in the Urban & Rural areas. Basic medicine like Antibiotics, Antipyretics, Dewormers, Antirabies vaccines and Hospital appliances are being procured and provided to the farmers and pet owners. These Health Institute provide both clinical medicine & surgical treatment supported with pathological, microbiological and parasitological services through the laboratories which is attached to all the Hospitals. Diligent services and vigil rendered by these Hospitals, Dispensaries and Veterinary Health Centres are able to check the various contagious diseases for which no major outbreak of diseases was reported during the year 2017-18 thereby preventing economic loss through livestock mortality.

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