Nagaland State Dairy Cooperative Federation (NSDCF)

The Nagaland State Dairy Co-operative Federation Ltd. (NSDCF Ltd.) was set up as a State Apex body during 2002 with a view to replicate the apparent success story of the famous “Anand Pattern”(AMUL) co-operative dairying to other potential districts of Nagaland. The basic design of the Anand Pattern evolved from AMUL comprises of a 3-tier structure viz; State Level Federation, District Level Union and Village Level Societies. Since inception, the dairy development activities in the State have been geared up on a mission mode through creation ofbasic Milk Processing infrastructurewith assistance from Govt. of India and State Govt.


During the 8th Five-year Plan (1992-97), Govt. of India sanctioned an Integrated Dairy Development Project (IDDP) under Non-Operation Flood, Hilly & Backward areas for Dimapur district to set up a new 10 TLPD Dairy Plant and to organize Dairy Co-operative Societies. The Project was successfully implemented and functioning under the umbrella of the Dimapur District Co-operative Milk Producers’ Union Ltd.(DIMUL).

Following the successful implementation of the 1st Phase IDDP, Govt. of India extended further assistance to cover the hilly districts of Nagaland from the 9th Five Year Plan onwards through creation of Basic milk processing/chilling facilities in almost all the districts in a phased manner.

The Federation has also initiated and established a new state-of-the art Dairy Plant of 10,000 litres capacity at Kohima which is equipped with UHT Plant and Milk product manufacturing unit for Lassi, Paneer and Yoghurt under the Brand name “MILKCON” which stands for Milk Co-operatives of Nagaland.

Nagaland has featured in the Dairy Map of India largely through implementation of Centrally Sponsored Scheme on “Intensive Dairy Development Project (IDDP)”.

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