Brucellosis Control Programme (BCP)

Brucellosis Control Programme (BCP) is a Govt. of India sponsored programme for Control of Brucellosis disease in the Country on 90:10 basis. This disease is an important zoonotic disease affecting cattle and buffalo and human being. The disease causes considerable economic loses, reduced milk yield, abortion etc. in cases of cattle and buffalo. The disease is widely prevalent throughout India causing economic loss to the tune of Rs 350 million. Human beings are also accidental host causing severe debilitating disease requiring prolong treatment.

This programme is basically aimed to vaccinate all the female cattle and buffalo calves from 4 to 8 months of age, as the vaccine confers lifelong immunity against the disease. Accordingly, vaccines are procured annually as per guidelines of the scheme. Besides vaccine, capacity building, printing of leaflets etc. are also being carried out to sensitize the farmers on prevention and control of the disease. During 2017-18 sensitization training programme sponsored by DADF, New Delhi was jointly organised by ICAR-NIVEDI, Bangalore and Department of A.H. & Veterinary services for all the CVOs, DDDOs and VAS working in the hospitals and Disease diagnostic laboratories. Vaccination carried out during 2017-18 is 20153 nos.

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